Geographically, Castilla la-Mancha is one of the largest regions in Europe, located in the interior of the Iberic Peninsula, made up of mountains and mountains that protect its wide fields and plains, and let’s not forget its rivers, lakes and lagoons.

La Mancha It has 320,000 hectares of natural space, which makes it one of the European territories with the most Natural Parks, National Parks y Natural Reservations of the continent. All this guarantees a diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna that amazes the lovers of birdwatching, hunting and fishing. Bt La Mancha is not only nature, It also has a wide cultural heritage in the five provinces that make it up, two of its provincial capitals are declared World Heritage Cities. Added to the monumental and ornamental wealth is the importance of water, which blends with health in different high-quality places for relaxation and well-being: spas, hot springs…

And what to say about it’s wines?

Castilla-La Mancha It has the largest area of vine cultivation in the world and half of the vineyards in Spain. In recent years, it has made the quality of its wines a hallmark, with qualified appellations of origin in different varieties. Its wines are joined by its famous gastronomy, based on tradition and the quality of its raw materials: game dishes, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and its cheeses, famous all over the world.

The Castilla-La Mancha campsites are located in places of special natural and monumental attraction, which is why they allow you to enjoy all the attractions that the region has to offer, with modern, comfortable facilities and a direct and welcoming treatment. The campsites associated with AECCAM are the best guarantee for campers and bungalows and mobile homes users.

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